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Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker
  • White/Red/Black (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Side Deflector (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Outside View (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Reinforced Palm (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Inside View (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Dual Layered Nash Palm Extends Life (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Reinforced Finger Protection (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Made In Canada (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • Embroidered Zero G Logo (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • White/Silver/Black (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
  • White/Navy/Yellow Gold (Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker)
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Brians Pro Stock Halak "Arch Graphic" Blocker

2012 | 7972-41


  • Features new Halak "Arch" Graphic
  • Additional, removealbe air pillow between thumb and side deflector
  • Maximum width HD foam side deflector


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Weight:1.48 lbsWeight of the product measured in pounds.
External Material:LeatherType of external material.
Palm Material:Nash Palm w/ Spring Mesh FingersThe type of materials that make up the palm and finger gussets of the blocker.
Side Block Protection:YesSide hand protection.
Made In:CanadaCountry of origin.
Warranty:1 Year LimitedPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The 2012 Pro Stock Halak Arch Blocker features the same upgrades and specs that NHL Goalie Jaroslav Halak made to his original, customized Zero G Blocker and includes the new "Arch" graphic that he wears during home games.  The Pro Stock blocker is an upgraded version of the popular Zero G blocker, and at 1.48 lbs it is one of the lightest blockers on the market.

Upgrades on the Pro Stock blocker include an additional, removeable air pillow between the thumb and side deflector board - great for goalies who use this protection often when turning the blocker hand out in the butterfly position.   An extended HD foam side deflector board, made to the maximum allowed width, is as wide as the blocker board to maximize blocking surface when the goalies hand is turned out. 

The blocker board is beveled on all four sides to both reduce overall weight yet keep the thickness of the board directly over the goalie's hand.  The cuff opening is wide, and it has nylon lacing on the outside hand to allow the cuff to be tightened or loosed based on the goalie's needs.  The palm has nash reinforcements in the high wear areas, and the fingers feature "spring mesh" gussets that allow for great air flow.  Full, segmented HD foam finger protectors wrap the fingers, and the added foam forefinger protector found on the Zero G blocker has been removed.

Brian's is a true custom equipment company, and the Pro Stock blocker can be customized to a virtually unlimited list of specs and colors.  To get your custom order started, contact a Total Hockey representative today.

  • Inside hand removable air pillow - UPGRADE from Zero G Blocker
  • Extended high density foam side wall - UPGRADE from Zero G Blocker
  • Additional HD Foam forefinger protector removed for added flexibility - UPGRADE from Zero G Blocker
  • Rigid, ultra-lightweight high density blocker board
  • Binding-less face maximizes blocking surface
  • Flared top eliminates skip over
  • High density wrap around finger protection
  • Nash palm with spring mesh fingers and gussets provides a lighter, cooler fit
  • Beveled nose for paddle down play
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap



Measure your hand from the heel of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, then consult the chart below to find the size that will work for you.

Blocker Sizing Chart
4 3/4 - 5 5/8 in. 5 5/8 - 6 1/4 in. 6 1/4 - 7 in. 7 - 8 3/8 in.
119 - 143 cm 144 - 160 cm 161 - 178 cm 179 - 213 cm

 Key to a Proper Fit:

The blocker should be fitted based on hand size. The goalie's fingers should be no more than 1/4" from the end of the fingers in the palm. If the fingers are too long, chances are the hand tabs that tie down the palm to the blocker are too large. This will cause the blocker to wobble, tilt or rotate on the goaltender's hand, seriously affecting control while limiting coverage (blocking surface).