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Vaughn B7000 TG CUSTOM Goalie Blocker

Vaughn B7000 TG CUSTOM Goalie Blocker

2013 | 11426-41
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The Vaughn B7000 TG is a hybrid of two popular blocker designs - the B7800 Velocity 5 and the B7000 - that some NHL goalies have been using recently. This blocker is exclusive to Total Goalie, and it is the result of careful collaboration between our goalie experts and the talented designers at Vaughn Custom Sports.

For starters, the blocking board is a stock 7800 Velocity 5 board which features a lightweight, bindingless board with a tapered bottom and top. The board is thicker on the sides to help provide extra protection over the backhand, as well as a flat blocking surface between the blocker board and the side hand protection.

The side hand, palm, finger protection, and cuff are from the popular B7000 design of year's past. This design has a wider opening between the thumb and blocking board to give a little more freedom of movement, but the side finger and thumb protection is still bulky enough to protect against pucks that ride up the paddle towards the goalie's hand. A "blocking rib" sits on the outside of the side hand protection to help seal the hole between the blocker and the body, and a removable padded pillow sits between the side protection and the palm for a customized fit and feel. The blocker palm is centered on the blocker board for incredible balance.

The palm is made entirely of Vaughn's "BS" material for extra durability. Finger protection moves with the goalies fingers, and an additional elastic strap attaches the index finger protection to the index finger to keep this vulnerable area more protected as well.

  • 7800 Velocity 5 blocker board atop a B7000 palm and side hand protection
  • Bindingless blocker surface for a clean look
  • Blocking rib on side hand protection to help seal holes between the blocker and body
  • Full Vaughn BS palm for added durability
  • Removable padded pillow between side and protection and palm for custom fit and feel
  • Vintage waffle design standard



Measure your hand from the heel of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, then consult the chart below to find the size that will work for you.

Blocker Sizing Chart
4 3/4 - 5 5/8 in. 5 5/8 - 6 1/4 in. 6 1/4 - 7 in. 7 - 8 3/8 in.
119 - 143 cm 144 - 160 cm 161 - 178 cm 179 - 213 cm

 Key to a Proper Fit:

The blocker should be fitted based on hand size. The goalie's fingers should be no more than 1/4" from the end of the fingers in the palm. If the fingers are too long, chances are the hand tabs that tie down the palm to the blocker are too large. This will cause the blocker to wobble, tilt or rotate on the goaltender's hand, seriously affecting control while limiting coverage (blocking surface).