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Brians G-NETiK CUSTOM Goalie Leg Pads
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Brians G-NETiK CUSTOM Goalie Leg Pads

2012 | 11269-41
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  • Lightest, state-of-the-art materials
  • E-Foam technology providing the lightest pad possible with a softer feel and more flex than ever before
  • Internal knee rolls cater to the knee giving flex while keeping a lightweight non-shrinking core
  • New innovative knee wrap system provides a comfortable, streamlined feel with thigh guard system
  • Custom strapping system allows goalie to use either Smart Strap or Conventional Strapping
  • Innovative Full-Flex Knee System - pad flexes from the inside-out providing the torque and natural feel a hybrid goalie desires
  • Full-Flex knee replicates the immediate hinge style movement like the anatomy of the knee
  • Double Knee Break
  • 80 Degree standard toe taper
  • Squared outer vertical roll
  • Max-sized knee cradle and stack
  • Thinned, squared thigh provides for perfect seal
  • Stock 3-3-3 flex (softest flex)
  • Extended calf wing for better stability in butterfly
  • Unparalleled Canadian hand-built craftsmanship



BRIAN'S Goal Pad Custom Sizing Guide - SENIOR LEG PADS
Ankle to Knee Thigh Rise Skate Size Stock Pad Size
17" 11" 8 32 + 1"
17.5" 11" 9 33 + 1"
18" 11" 10 34 + 1"
18" 12" 10 35 + 1"
19" 12" 10 36 + 1"
19" 13" 10 37 + 1"
20" 13" 10 38 + 1"


The Key factor is the overall length. The length can be divided into three sections:

A.The boot

B.Instep to knee

C.Knee to top or thigh rise

The proper length of the goal pad boot is determined by the goalie's skate size. The next key area is the instep to knee that determines the shin length. Finally, the knee to top or thigh rise is a personal measurement depending on how much pant and pad overlap the goaltender prefers. A general rule is 7" to 8".

A.Skates size: provide the skate size for proper boot fit.

B.Instep to knee: measure from instep to the front center of kneecap while leg is in slightly bent position.

C. Thigh rise: measure from front center of kneecap up the thigh to desire height.

A + B + C = Estimated size of pad

If fitted properly, the goalie's knee should rest directly behind the center knee roll with the pad securely attached to the goal skate and properly strapped on the goaltender's leg. Generally, this will ensure that the pad breaks (bends) at the knee/shin and ankle as designed for optimal performance.