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Hockey Goaltending Book

Hockey Goaltending Book

2012 | 9701-2
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  • Goaltending experts referenced throughout book
  • Gives you plenty of off-ice training tools
  • Prepares you mentally for the big game


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Product Description
Great goaltending wins hockey games. As the sport evolves, becoming a faster, higher-scoring endeavor, goaltending becomes more critical and far more challenging. The best goaltenders combine awareness, technique, and physical conditioning to anticipate the opponent’s every move.

Hockey Goaltending brings together the world’s top goaltending coaches to create the premier resource for goalies and coaches at every level of play. Their expertise and insight provide comprehensive instruction on every facet of this challenging position:

  • Off-ice training programs to improve reaction time, strength, flexibility, quickness, and agility
  • Techniques to shut down breakaways, passouts, and wraparounds as well as power plays and odd-man rushes
  • Detailed instruction on rebound control, recovery skills, and playing the puck
  • Mental strategies to put you in the zone and keep you there
  • On- and off-ice drills to refine your skills and elevate your play

Additionally, this special package includes a DVD of on-ice footage emphasizing key techniques and skills of the position. From vital tactics and strategies to a goalie’s unique equipment needs, Hockey Goaltending is simply the most complete guide available for players who wish to excel at the game’s toughest position.


Chapter 1. Gearing Up to Stop Pucks (By John Carratu)
Chapter 2.Getting Stronger (By Dave Flint)
Chapter 3. Increasing Flexibility (By Dave Flint)
Chapter 4. Improving Quickness and Agility (By Dave Flint)
Chapter 5. Crease Management (By Terry Barbeau)
Chapter 6. Save Techniques (By David Alexander)
Chapter 7. Post-Save Recovery (Brian Daccord)
Chapter 8. Attacks (By Brian Daccord)
Chapter 9. Behind-the-Net Coverage (By John Alexander)
Chapter 10. Traffic Saves and Puck Retention (By Tom Dempsey)
Chapter 11. Tracking and Reacting (By Jamie McGuire)
Chapter 12. Developing a Shutout Mindset (By Brian Daccord)