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Tour Invader Fireman 23 inch Goalie Leg Pads
  • Black with Flames (Tour Invader Fireman 23 inch Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Side View (Tour Invader Fireman 23 inch Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Back View (Tour Invader Fireman 23 inch Goalie Leg Pads)
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Tour Invader Fireman 23 inch Goalie Leg Pads

2010 | 100-11


  • Adjustable, easy to attach nylon straps
  • Light weight for smaller legs
  • Unique "flames" graphic


Weight:0.98 lbsWeight of a single leg pad measured in pounds (Sr 34" Int 30" Jr 28" Yth 23").
Pad Style:Street HockeyThe style of play ("Reaction/ Hybrid" or "Blocking/Butterly") that the pad was designed for. "Reaction/Hybrid" pads tend to be more flexible and have more breaks - great for those with a narrow butterfly. "Blocking/Butterfly" pads tend to have fewer breaks and are more rigid - better for goalies with a wider butterfly.
Knee Breaks:1Breaks in the foam & material of the outer roll. Pads with zero (O) knee breaks tend to be more rigid and have less flex, while pads with one (1) or two (2) knee breaks are "softer" and have more flex built into them.
Width:9 InchesWidth of a single pad measured in inches.
External Material:NylonType of external material.
# of Straps:3Number of leg attachment straps.
Strap Type:Nylon & ClipType of attachment strap.
Adjustable Straps:NoDoes the leg pad have straps that can be easily moved or replaced
Thigh Protection:NoneType of upper leg protection.
Toe Attachment Type:NoneType of piece that attaches the pad to the toe of the skate.
Made In:ChinaCountry of origin.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


  • Perfect for the start up goalie
  • Great for basement hockey
  • Fireman graphics



An Easy way to properly estimate a goaltender's size for a pair of goal pads is to take the following three measurements:

1. Floor to mid-point of knee cap (A)

2. Mid-point of knee cap to desired height on thigh (B)- measurement is generally 2/3s of the inseam measurement from mid-point of kneecap up. If a taller pad is desired, 3/4 of this measurement can be used

3. Skate size multiplied by 0.75 (C) - only add up to size 10 skate as a goal skate cowling does not get larger over size 10

The estimated size of pads would then be (A) + (B) + (C).