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Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask
  • NME Star Wars Street Mask (Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask)
  •  (Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask)
  •  (Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask)
  •  (Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask)
  •  (Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask)
  •  (Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask)

Bauer NME Star Wars Street Mask

2014 | 14724-11
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  • Polymer hard plastic construction
  • Soft thin foam on the inside for comfort
  • 5 cool designs to choose from
  • Fits hat sizes 6-7, and 19" - 22" head circumferences


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Shell Material:PolymerType of material the protective shell is made of.
Liner:FoamType of inner liner material.
Cage Type:StandardType of protective cage.
Helmet Certification:NoneCertifications held by the product.
Bag Included:NoProtective storage bag.
Made In:ChinaCountry of origin.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


These are the street mask designs you’re looking for.

Bauer’s NME Star Wars Street Mask won’t protect you from The Force, but the polymer shell construction will help keep your face safe from the force of a hockey puck slapped from the blue line. It has a foam liner and a wire cage to protect you. This mask is non-certified and should not be used for ice hockey.

Not your father’s goalie mask design
Darth Vader, if he were a goaltender and not a galactic tyrant, would make goaltending seem “all too easy”—he wouldn’t need a mask like this to protect himself from projectile pucks. He could stop them mid-air with the wave of a hand. Unfortunately, you aren’t as talented in the ways of The Force.

The helmet for a silent, skillful professional
Boba Fett was a notorious galactic bounty hunter. His gadgetry, hunting prowess and survival instincts aided him in this profession. As a goaltender, Boba Fett would be more like a puck hunter: neutralize and bring in pucks at all cost. He would never turn his back on the opposition and always get the job done.

Hope that 99 out of 100 shots faced will miss their mark
Stormtroopers are the working man of the Empire. Even though they are not reliable, they are servicable and certainly plentiful. They can turn the tide of any engagement in a show of force. As a goaltender, a stormtrooper might hope that every player in the galaxy that faces him has a famously-inaccurate shot, as well.



Bauer NME Street Goalie Mask
Hat Size Head Circumference (in) Head Circumference (mm)
6 -7 19.0" - 22.0" 483mm - 560mm