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Warrior Ritual G2 CUSTOM Goalie Leg Pads
  • Ritual G2 Custom Leg Pads (Warrior Ritual G2 CUSTOM Goalie Leg Pads)
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  • Ritual G2 Custom Leg Pads - Classic Design (Warrior Ritual G2 CUSTOM Goalie Leg Pads)
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Warrior Ritual G2 CUSTOM Goalie Leg Pads

2013 | 14852-41
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Weight:4.4 lbsWeight of a single leg pad measured in pounds (Sr 34" Int 30" Jr 28" Yth 23").
Pad Style:Blocking / ButterflyThe style of play ("Reaction/ Hybrid" or "Blocking/Butterly") that the pad was designed for. "Reaction/Hybrid" pads tend to be more flexible and have more breaks - great for those with a narrow butterfly. "Blocking/Butterfly" pads tend to have fewer breaks and are more rigid - better for goalies with a wider butterfly.
Knee Breaks:CustomizableBreaks in the foam & material of the outer roll. Pads with zero (O) knee breaks tend to be more rigid and have less flex, while pads with one (1) or two (2) knee breaks are "softer" and have more flex built into them.
Width:11 InchesWidth of a single pad measured in inches.
External Material:CustomizableType of external material.
# of Straps:5Number of leg attachment straps.
Strap Type:All Elastic, Leather Sold SeparatelyType of attachment strap.
Adjustable Straps:YesDoes the leg pad have straps that can be easily moved or replaced
Thigh Protection:Comes with G2 Pro Knee PadsType of upper leg protection.
Toe Attachment Type:Active Response StrapType of piece that attaches the pad to the toe of the skate.
Made In:CanadaCountry of origin.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The Warrior Ritual G2 Custom leg pad is without a doubt one of the most innovative leg pads to hit the market in some time.  Though it borrows some design cues from the older Ritual leg pad, many of the G2's internal features are new and extremely well thought out. 

Like the original Ritual, the G2 has a flat face, a single break outer knee roll, a flexible boot break, and the rounded, bindingless boot that has proven to be one of the most functional and durable designs on the market.  The outer profile is very thin from the lower knee to the thigh rise - this both reduces overall pad weight and allows the tops of the pads to easily overlap each other when taking a deeper stance or going into the butterfly.  The outside edge of the pad also features Warrior's innovative Post Wedge panel - a 1" thick triangular shaped panel that covers the hole between the goalie's leg and the post when the leg is up against the net.

The leg channel of the pad features several new enhancements.  For starters, the G2 features Warrior's Profile Lock system - a heavy duty velcro tab above the knee lock that allows the goalie to customize and set the curvature of his/her pad without using straps.  The knee lock itself is very wide to accomodate any sized knee pads, and it has an outer flap that both twist with the goalies knee to help keep it snug in the cradle, or can be removed entirely to completely open up the knee lock.  A firm, wedge shaped Knee Drive pad lines the inside edge of the knee lock to provide a smooth interface between the leg pad and the knee pad.  Instead of a traditional integrated thigh guard, the Ritual G2 comes with the new G2 Pro Knee Pads.

The calf wraps are tall and segmented to allow them to completely cover the back of the goalie's leg, and two, wide elastic straps span the leg channel to hold the pad onto the goalie's leg.  The leg channel itself features a removeable, padded pillow to provide extra protection for the shin, and this pad can be removed to create a deeper, wider leg channel.

The boot channel is somewhat flat, and features new Active Response Straps that eliminate the need for toe ties or a boot strap.  These dual elastic straps allow the foot and ankle to move freely, but also function to center the pad back to the goalie's leg during betterfly recoveries. 


  • Made in Canada
  • Pro level protection
  • New lightweight design (34+1.5 pad weighs 4.4lbs)
  • Active Response Straps at boot
  • Profile Lock
  • Knee Drive System
  • Bindingless construction
  • Thicker Post Wedge panel than original design
  • Removable outside knee cradle flap
  • Thin thigh profile
  • Optional:  G2, Classic or Euro graphics
  • Optional:  Leather straps (sold separately)
  • Comes with new Ritual G2 knee pads


  • Visit the Warrior Ritual G2 Customizer to create your color pattern
  • Once you have chosen your design, colors and specs, print a copy of your design for your records, then send an email of your design to info@totalhockey.com.  A Total Goalie Customer Service Representative will contact you to verify your order.