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Warrior Ritual Goalie Pants
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Warrior Ritual Goalie Pants

2013 | 11878-31


  • Flex-Plates for incredible mobility and protection
  • Internal belt system with adjustable cant feature
  • Wrap around HD foam leg protection with AxyCut taper



It seems that the talented gear designers at Warrior Goalie thought of everything when designing the new Ritual Pro goalie pants for 2013. Mobility + protection? Check. Push the limits of size while allowing for a personalized fit? Check. Design a pant that works seamlessly with your style? Check. In short, the Ritual goalie pant is everything you've asked for in a goalie pant, plus some needed features that you've never even thought of!

For starters, sizing on the Ritual Pro pant is based on a "Knee to Hip" and/or height measurement (depending on pad size), and not a waist circumference measurement. For all sizes in the Intermediate and Junior size categories, the width of the pant stays the same while the length of the pant leg varies depending on your height. This insures that the pant achieves the maximum allowable width for all pant sizes, while tailoring the pant leg to fit your body perfectly. The fit around the waist is adjusted using a padded internal belt which is adjusted by tightening or loosening nylon webbing straps that extend out the front of the pant. These interal straps can also be adjusted up or down (though loops inside of the pant cavity) to adjust the cant of the pant itself. Goalies who tuck their chest guard in might choose to go with a standard straight cant which keeps the top of the pant higher, while goalies who don't tuck and appreciate more flex at the waist can adjust the cant downward to move the top of the pant down.

Hips and upper thighs are protected using Warrior's "Flex Plate" system. The system consists of overlapping, segmented HD foam plates that sit atop of the pant legs - not inside of the pant cavity or pant leg material (though some protection does exist inside the pant cavity as well). Because these plates overlap each other across the front of the pant, they won't bind up or crease as the goalie moves. This design allows the goalie to go into a full split while still keeping the foam padding aligned to the necessary areas.

The pant legs themselves feature molded, wrap around thigh padding that is mostly flat in design. The inner thighs have been squared off somewhat to provide an incredible seal to the five-hole area. The outside edge of the pant cuff features Warrior's "AxyCut" system, which enhances the interface between the pants and the leg pads. As the goalie goes down in the butterfly, traditional pants have the tendency to overlap the leg pad, which oftentimes tends to push the pant leg upward - exposing the thigh area. The AxyCut system features an upward taper at the outside edge of the pant cuff which won't interfere with the leg pads, and insures that the pant leg protection doesn't get pushed up and away. The pant legs also feature full mesh construction on the back of the legs for un-matched ventilation.

The Ritual goalie pants are designed to function perfectly without suspenders, but removable suspender buttons do come with the pants as well.



Size Small Large
Height (in) 5'0" - 5'5" 5'4" - 5'9"
Size Small Large
Height (in) 4'3" - 4'8" 4'6" - 5'1"