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Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove
  • White/Navy/Baby Blue (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Side View (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Sub Zero Cuff Opening (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Multiple Adjustment Straps Allow For A Custom Fit (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Backhand Protection (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Liner And Interal Adjustment Straps (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Deep Pocket Protects Rebounds (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Cuff Protection And Embroidered Logo (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Glove Angle Open (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Glove Angle Closed (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • White/Black/Black (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • White/Black/Silver (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • White/Red/White (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • Custom by calling 866.929.6699 (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • White/Black/Red (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
  • White/Black/White (Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove)
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Brians Sub Zero Goalie Catch Glove

2012 | 7968-41


  • Semi-flexible one piece blocking cuff
  • Rigid T-bridge keeps pocket open
  • Deep, Single T diamond web


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Weight:2.14 lbsWeight of the product measured in pounds.
Number of Adjustable Straps:Wrist (1), Backhand (1)Number and Location of Straps used for adjusting the overall fit.
Pocket Type:Single TDesign and shape of the pocket.
Break Angle:60-70 degreeThe angle at which the catching glove closes. When holding your bare hand in a catching position, 45-50 degree break angles close directly between your forefinger and thumb, while a 90 degree break closes very near your thumb.
Cuff Design:One-PieceTraditional Cuff has a seam between the padded cuff and the thumb area/catching surface, whereas a Solid Cuff has no break - the thumb area and the cuff are one large, continuous pad.
External Material:Synthetic Leather/Weave/NylonType of external material.
Made In:CanadaCountry of origin.
Warranty:1 Year LimitedPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The Brian's Sub Zero catch glove offers the best of both worlds - the wide open presentation of a pancake style glove, with the deep pocket and steeper thumb design of a traditional catcher. 

The Sub Zero catch glove features a one piece thumb and cuff design that provides a stable blocking surface.  However, in looking at the back of the glove you'll notice the traditional laced seem between the cuff and palm, which gives the glove a little more flexibility than you'll find in other one piece cuffs.  The cuff opening on the backhand of the glove is wide open which allows the goalie to put his/her hand deep inside for maximum leverage over the break in the palm.  Once inside the glove, you'll feel the new SBA palm - a leathery feeling interior material that gets tackier as it gets wet.  This, together with the new locking wrist strap buckle, means that your hand won't slip out of the glove as the game wears on.

The Sub Zero pocket is wide and deep, though it feels a tad bit narrower than the Zero G pocket.  To keep the pocket open, Brian's has built a rigid T-bridge into it, which is also heat moldable.  This rigid bridge does two things:  (1)  it insures that pucks that hit the middle or bottom of it fall directly into the pocket, and (2) it forces the pocket open to present the biggest blocking and catching surface possible.  The bridge has built in break points in it which help make the glove easy to close, and the fact that it is heat moldable means that you can form it into the shape that you want it. 

The palm features Brian's Gel-Tek material to help eliminate stingers, and the backhand is has rigid HD foams to protect the fingers against slashes and cuts.  The weight and balance of the glove were exceptional, and our goalies here felt that you could take the glove from the box to the rink with little to no break in time required.

  • Deep single, triple diamond T web
  • Rigid T top aids in directing pucks into pocket
  • Three flex points in T allows for quick break in
  • Ultra-lightweight and pro balanced
  • Pro internal padding
  • Internal Gel-Tek Palm eliminates stingers
  • Tri-point velcro hand harness
  • New internal SBA Material with improved grip when wet
  • Inner wrist pad lock keeps hand secure
  • Airknit internal fingers
  • Internal elastic strap for custom fit fingers
  • Wide cuff opening for better arm and body interaction
  • One piece thumb and cuff design provides a stable blocking surface
  • Custom colors available
  • Custom graphics available





Measure your hand from the heel of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, then consult the chart below to find the size that will work for you.

Catch Glove Sizing Chart
4 3/4 - 5 5/8 in. 5 5/8 - 6 1/4 in. 6 1/4 - 7 in. 7 - 8 3/8 in.
119 - 143 cm 144 - 160 cm 161 - 178 cm 179 - 213 cm

Keys to a Proper Fit:

  • The goalie's fingers should extend out to the end of the finger stalls of the inside palm to ensure a proper fit. However, any more than 1/2" from the tip of the goaltender's finger to the end of the finger stall and the goaltender will not have the leverage needed to properly close and control the glove.
  • The heel of your hand should line up with the heel and cuff of the catcher. If not, the proper balance between the cuff and catching portion of the glove may be disturbed, making the glove too cumbersome while sacrificing protection.