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Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads
  • Black/Red/White (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Lightweigt Butterfly Style And Construction (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • MyFlex Technology (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Adjustable Straps Customize Fit And Closure (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Adjustable Knee Lock (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Adjustable Knee Lock (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Lightweigt Butterfly Style And Construction (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Molded Flex Inserts To Customize Stiffness (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • Lightweigt Butterfly Style And Construction (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • White/Red/Black (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
  • White/Gold/Black (Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads)
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Bauer Supreme One90 Goalie Leg Pads

2012 | 9184-31


  • MyFlex technology
  • Adjustable straps customize fit and closure
  • Lightweigt butterfly style and construction



Weight:4.56 lbsWeight of a single leg pad measured in pounds (Sr 34" Int 30" Jr 28" Yth 23").
Pad Style:Butterfly / BlockingThe style of play ("Reaction/ Hybrid" or "Blocking/Butterly") that the pad was designed for. "Reaction/Hybrid" pads tend to be more flexible and have more breaks - great for those with a narrow butterfly. "Blocking/Butterfly" pads tend to have fewer breaks and are more rigid - better for goalies with a wider butterfly.
Knee Breaks:0Breaks in the foam & material of the outer roll. Pads with zero (O) knee breaks tend to be more rigid and have less flex, while pads with one (1) or two (2) knee breaks are "softer" and have more flex built into them.
Width:10 Inches (31+1, 29+1), 9.5 Inches (27+1)Width of a single pad measured in inches.
External Material:MicrofiberType of external material.
# of Straps:6Number of leg attachment straps.
Strap Type:Leather & Buckle (4), Nylon & Clip (2)Type of attachment strap.
Adjustable Straps:YesDoes the leg pad have straps that can be easily moved or replaced
Thigh Protection:Attached Thigh WrapType of upper leg protection.
Toe Attachment Type:Toe TiesType of piece that attaches the pad to the toe of the skate.
Made In:ChinaCountry of origin.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


The Bauer Supreme One90 leg pads are the Senior Pro version of the new Supreme TotalONE leg pads, and they share many of the same design characteristics.

For starters, the One90 gives the goalie the ability the "personally" adjust the custom flex of the goal pad to adapt to any style of play. The leg pads utilitze a unique "MyFLEX" system - molded flex inserts that fit into pre-formed channels inside the foam body of the pads. The flex inserts come in two different stiffnesses - medium (yellow) and hard (black). By inserting the desired flex insert into the channels both above and below the knee (or by not inserting the flex inserts at all), the goalie can achieve up to 9 different flex configurations for a personalized fit.

Also new to the Supreme One90 pad is the re-designed knee lock, which is based off of the popular Adjustable Knee Lock (AKL) design of the previous Supreme line. Like the older Supreme knee lock, the knee lock on the One90 is attached with heavy duty velcro and can be moved approximately one (1) inch in any given direction for a customized fit.

The leg channel is wide and has a medium depth to it. The inside calf padding features a 1" thick low density foam pillow, which can be removed if desired. The boot strap can be placed in two different locations on the inner boot scoop, and the calf straps are easily replaceable as well. The thigh straps and buckles are made of nylon webbing, and these can be moved to different strap locations both at and above the knee.

  • Lightweight butterfly style and construction
  • MyFLEX technology
  • Triangular outer roll
  • AKL:  Adjustable Knee Lock
  • Adjustable straps customize fit and closure
  • Integrated under-pant thigh protector



The Key factor is the overall length. The length can be divided into three sections:

A.The boot

B.Instep to knee

C.Knee to top or thigh rise

The proper length of the goal pad boot is determined by the goalie's skate size. The next key area is the instep to knee that determines the shin length. Finally, the knee to top or thigh rise is a personal measurement depending on how much pant and pad overlap the goaltender prefers. A general rule is 7" to 8".

A.Skates size: provide the skate size for proper boot fit.

B.Instep to knee: measure from instep to the front center of kneecap while leg is in slightly bent position.

C. Thigh rise: measure from front center of kneecap up the thigh to desire height.

A + B + C = Estimated size of pad

If fitted properly, the goalie's knee should rest directly behind the center knee roll with the pad securely attached to the goal skate and properly strapped on the goaltender's leg. Generally, this will ensure that the pad breaks (bends) at the knee/shin and ankle as designed for optimal performance.