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Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask
  • Black (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Improved Sightlines & Unobstructed Peripherals (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Back View (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Profile View (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Aerial View (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Solid Sheet Technology (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Solid Sheet Technology (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Multi-Resin Construction (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Soft Blue Urethane Foam (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Curled In Design For Chin Comfort (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • Mask Bag Included (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
  • White (Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask)
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Eddy Tusk II Certified Goalie Mask

2012 | 9872-21


  • Rigid Fiberglass shell construction
  • Stainless steel certified cage
  • Impact and Urethane comfort foam construction



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Weight:3.02 lbsWeight of the product measured in pounds (Sr Med, Jr Med).
Shell Material:FiberglassType of material the protective shell is made of.
Liner:Impact & Urethane FoamsType of inner liner material.
Cage Type:Stainless SteelType of protective cage.
Helmet Certification:HECC, CSA, CECertifications held by the product.
Bag Included:YesProtective storage bag.
Made In:CanadaCountry of origin.
Warranty:90 DaysPeriod of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty.


For over 20 years, the story behind Eddymask has always been proper the proper fit of the shell to the entire head. Coming from a custom mask background, the philosophy of the company has always been to create a larger range of fit without being sloppy and creating gaps between the shell, the foam and the head. In the new Tusk II Junior mask for 2012, Eddy has incorporated many of the enhancements of their Senior line of masks into a mask specially designed for the Junior goaltender.

The shell is made of Eddy's multi-resin system, and also utilizes their proprietary solid sheet technology. The result of this construction process is a shell mold that achieves the optimum balance between resin and fiberglass to achieve an increbibly strong, rigid shell. Shell rigidity is further enhanced by a new shell design that is sharper, and that has more pronounced ribs in the forehead area. The more pronounced rib design also serves to eliminate flat spots in the mask, meaning that pucks will simply glance off of the main impact areas and will not impact the shell directly. The chin features a curled in design which gives it more stiffness and strength.  The skull plate spans the entire width of the mask to keep it from compressing during heavy side loads.

The mask interior features an 1/2" thick impact foam at the forehead and crown, and a dual density foam which is 3/8" thick at the sides. The impact foam at the forehead is the same as that used in many football helmets, and it achieves a consistent 5-star test rating. The cheek and face foam layers are comprised of a higher density 8lb black foam that sits against the shell, and a softer blue urethane foam that touches the goalie's head and face. The black foam provides great impact resistance, and the blue foam is great for energy absorbtion and comfort, and it also serves to "grab" the goalie's head and face during impacts to help keep the mask from shifting.

The window opening of the Tusk II is cut deeper to give the goalie better sightlines and unobstructed peripheral vision. The cage options are all made of stainless steel for maximum protection.



TUSK II Sizing Guide
Size Head Size (mm) Head Size (inches) Hat Size
Junior 511 - 540 20 1/8 - 21 1/4 6 3/8 - 6 3/4